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I enjoy writing the blog, but it's not the only thing I've done.  If you're planning a trip to Milwaukee, there are two books that might help you have a great time: 101 Things to do in Milwaukee Parks and The Milwaukee Bucket List.

The first book I wrote started as way to introduce people to the adventures I was having with my younger son Omar, as we explored the parks throughout the year.  He was a very active child and it helped me wear him out while we both got fresh air and exercise.  You can find everything from playgrounds to dog sledding!  We're lucky to have so many beautiful green spaces in Milwaukee, so I've included some unconventional ones at private parks and museums.  The sample below is in full color, however the books interior is printed in black and white to keep costs down.

The other Milwaukee book, The Milwaukee Bucket List, is my latest creation.  It was the culmination of a summer trying to find absolutely everything fun one could do in Milwaukee.  At the same time, I wanted to make sure I found the ways in which Milwaukee shows its history, eclectic neighborhoods, and local fares.  With the help of family and friends, we came up with a list of 101 local adventures which include something for all seasons and people.
I've also written a series of paperback children's adventures featuring my son, Omar, who also happens to have been born with down syndrome.  My hope in writing these was to show everyone that being born with what others consider a disability does not mean that one can not enjoy life to the fullest.  As we travel, we've photographed lots of interesting places and I try in these books to relate the culture, food, and general facts about those locations.  We've tested them with elementary schools and they seem to be appropriate to children just learning to read- ages 6-9, though anyone will enjoy the full color photos.  You can find all of my books at my Amazon Author Website.


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