13 Ways to Earn Money During the Corona Virus and Beyond

The world is a different place than it was when I boarded a plane to India just one month ago.  Like many others, I had to curtail my trip and return to the US. Borders are closed. Flights are grounded. And many of my friends who work in the tourism industry are quickly going broke.  These are jobs that don't pay a lot anyway, so it's not like they had huge savings. The perks of travel or showing off your home when it's in a peak tourist destination are so worthwhile though when there isn't a pandemic.

Because a few of my international friends were asking how to make money online, I thought I'd do a roundup of websites and ideas I know have worked in the past. Most of these are geared towards English speaking people, but take a look and you might find international opportunities too. I would also suggest checking out Penny Hoarders Work From Home listing. Or here's a great podcast for wannabe entrepreneurs My First Million. Check that out too for some great advice.

1. Write a Book. 

I've written more than 20 books using Amazon's self publishing platform. You make money when people purchase your books. If you want to write a book- either in paperback or just an e-book- go to Kindle. It doesn't have to be a novel. You can write about anything you know and it can be as short as a few thousand words. Once you've written a book, you can advertise it using your instagram or Facebook accounts. 

2. Read books aloud. 

Audible is the site that probably comes to mind when talking about audiobooks.  Real authors need real voices to get their books loaded here. Go to ACX to see what is available for auditions right now. If you like doing voice work, you can also check out Voice Bunny and audition to become one of their pros. They need all languages. Here's a beginner's guide to voice acting.

3. Offer your services on-line. 

What skills do you have?  Someone may need them at Fiverr. Not sure what your talents are?  Just browse what's being offered. You might be surprised what people are willing to pay others to do. Similar sites are Freelancer, Upwork, and Guru. I know an entrepreneur who created a team by browsing these websites and made it a small business, so think outside the box.  Maybe there is someone you could team up with to create an online business of your own.

4. Create a course. 

Is there something you do every day that people would pay to learn? Browse Udemy for ideas. Cooking classes are especially popular right now, but gardening, iphone photography, painting.... so many ideas.
Have a skill like coffee art? Create a course!

5. Sell your artwork on line. 

Using Etsy or Patreon, you can sell what you make. There are others who sell via their Instagram using a link in bio.

Sell your crafts on-line

6. Provide human intelligence to people who create artificial intelligence using Amazon's Mechanical Turk

You need to create an account, then you can search the jobs to see if there's something you can do. If you like doing surveys, this is the place. You can choose to earn in Amazon gift cards or transfer payment to your bank account.

7. Transcribe or Translate. 

Become a freelancer who does home transcription from voice recordings, or provides captions for video at Rev. If you speak a language in addition to English, you could write subtitles.

8. Teach a language. 

There are so many websites where you can offer your services. You need a decent Internet connection and Skype or Zoom so you can meet virtually with clients. Check out Verbal Planet, Verbling, Italki, VIPKid, QKids, or Lingoda. I have a couple friends who teach English to Chinese children and enjoy it.

9. Sell your photos. 

Maybe you have beautiful photos of places you've visited, or even from your neighborhood, and that's great! But there is also a need for more mundane subjects like office settings and food.  Try Shutterstock or download the Foap app.

All those food photos can go to good use

Even simple neighborhood photos can be used

10. Write for publication. 

Magazines need articles and often these opportunities go to freelancers. Check out the Writer's Guidelines Database. Especially if you have a niche interest, this could be your chance to help people learn more about any topic.

11. Sell your stuff. 

Obviously, people have time to shop online now, and you have time to declutter.  Look through your cabinets and closets to see what you can get rid of. Then list your items on Craigslist, Ebay, or Facebook Marketplace.

12. Take surveys. 

Companies want your opinions. Check out Swagbucks to do paid surveys. Or read about more sites where you can do surveys at Millenial Money.

13. Do deliveries. 

I used to drive for Lyft, but because of the health risk I stopped driving passengers. Many Lyft and Uber drivers have moved into the delivery business because people want their groceries and Amazon purchases delivered.  Though food delivery is a thing, I've had drivers report very low demand for this now.  I think more people are cooking at home. Check out one of these sites to learn more about being a driver.  Rates vary by the employer. Shipt, Instacart, and Amazon Flex delivery have all said they will be hiring thousands of drivers in the next 90 days.

Maybe you have some ideas I didn't write about here.  Leave them in the comments. We're in this together! 


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