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13 Ways to Earn Money During the Corona Virus and Beyond

The world is a different place than it was when I boarded a plane to India just one month ago.  Like many others, I had to curtail my trip and return to the US. Borders are closed. Flights are grounded. And many of my friends who work in the tourism industry are quickly going broke.  These are jobs that don't pay a lot anyway, so it's not like they had huge savings. The perks of travel or showing off your home when it's in a peak tourist destination are so worthwhile though when there isn't a pandemic.

Because a few of my international friends were asking how to make money online, I thought I'd do a roundup of websites and ideas I know have worked in the past. Most of these are geared towards English speaking people, but take a look and you might find international opportunities too. I would also suggest checking out Penny Hoarders Work From Home listing. Or here's a great podcast for wannabe entrepreneurs My First Million. Check that out too for some great a…

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