Celebrating LBJ on President's Day

Since I was visiting Austin, I was able to check off another presidential library- President Johnson's. Though I knew he had stepped in after Kennedy's assassination, I was unaware of just how much legislation he had been responsible for during his term in office. 1963-1969. He has a place in my husband's mind because his father was Somalia's foreign secretary and met with LBJ at Kennedy's funeral. You can see a photo of them together in my post about being married to a Muslim Somali Prince.  At the presidential library, I saw the enormous archives, and it fills an entire wall.

Binders of archived papers
Fast forward to 2018 and it seems so many programs he helped to create are in danger of being axed. I believe it's important to note the benefit we all receive from his legislation. This photo below gives the full list. We have him to thank for PBS and Sesame Street. He gave us the civil rights act and changed the way we vote. We have seatbelts and traffic safety programs. After watching the films shown in the presidential library theater, it became clear he was a man who cared about people. He dedicated most of his adult life to doing what he could to improve the lives of underdogs. Even after his death, his wife was still active doing what she could to continue his work. 
She was the driving force behind the Headstart program, a women's activist and a friend to the environment. Her passions were reflected in some of the legislation shown in the photo above. Like Eleanor Roosevelt, they were a dynamic duo.  Her office was in the Austin University building where the library is housed, and one can see it just as she used to have it.  Though simple, it was functional and she had a grand view of downtown Austin from her window. You can read more about her life at her biography. I didn't make it to the Wildflower Center named after her, but maybe next time. 

Of course, LBJ's office has also been set up in one of the rooms now to mimic his Whitehouse years. His desk had to have blocks under the legs to lift it high enough for him to sit comfortably. He was 6'4"- as tall as Abraham Lincoln. They share the title for being the tallest presidents. 
LadyBird's office

President Johnson's office
Always a joy celebrating the great men who did so much for our country.  Have you visited any of the presidential libraries? Here's the complete list. You can even get a passport to have stamped at each building you visit.



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