Victor- an Idaho Gem near Yellowstone and Teton National Parks

Omar and I in downtown Victor
Visiting Yellowstone and Teton National Parks was fine, but in hindsight, I would have been just as happy to stay at Victor, a small town on the way to the parks. I felt like I had just been in traffic for two days, yet here I was in this beautiful setting and would have liked to explore a bit on foot, swim, eat some good food and truly relax.  Victor seemed to have it all on a smaller scale. It was also just 2 hours from West Yellowstone and an hour from Grand Teton Park. Because we flew into Idaho Falls, it was on the way to Jackson, and a good stopping place for lunch.

You can find out a lot about a place using social media and apps.  Hashtags and location tags let people share beautiful photos. I took a look at Instagram and saw fishing, golf courses, mountain biking, and horse riding. The All Trails app showed several hikes in the nearby Targhee Forest. TripAdvisor showed a local brewery and several good restaurants.

We got coffee and croissants at the very small Local Joe Coffee Drive-thru. I love these little coffee shacks that are prevalent in the western US. Amazing that they have room enough for what they offer.  Most of them use locally roasted coffees and I've never had a bad cup. Bring your own coffee cup, and they will fill it up too.
Local Joe Coffee Drive-thru makes it convenient

Lunch was at the Railroad themed Brakeman American Grill because I wanted to try a buffalo burger.  It's kind of a thing if you're visiting the area. It was tasty, though not very different than a regular beef burger.  My son tried the grilled peanut butter and nutella sandwich. Can't say I'd ever even heard of that, but it is a thing and he said it was delicious, with a side of fries.  Everything is made fresh, so expect that you might have to wait a bit longer. No problem, take a look at the photos and memorabilia on the walls while you wait.
Buffalo burger and fries with dipping sauce

grilled nutella- who knew?

Afterwards we wandered over to the Victor Emporium- an old fashioned general store, which was a kid's goldmine. If you can't buy it here, you probably don't need it.  Hats, t-shirts, snacks, and a corner full of toys and gifts.  We walked out with a cat head mask, which resembles our cat Sheba.  Not really anything we were shopping for, but it was a fun thing to use in photos through the coming week. We also had a huckleberry shake, something that is well known to the area and delicious. Even the color is perfect.  I asked a few of the ladies working at the soda fountain in back what they would do in Victor- fishing, hiking, float the river, and hang out with friends drinking local brews and listening to music.  It all sounded wonderful. Every Thursday there's live music in a summer program called Music on Main. For a town with only 2000 people, they have 2 local breweries- Grand Teton Brewing which is the original brewery of the region. They make soda too. We tried one of the cream sodas at Jackson and it was delicious. Wildlife Brewing has microbrews and pizza. A great combination.
A must-do photo op

Huckleberry shake at the soda fountain

The Main Street through town doesn't have a lot of shops, but they have a chainsaw artist selling sculptures out front. A cyclist shared that it's the Mountain Bike Capital of Idaho- who knew?! AllTrails app showed a couple of trails in the area, but we didn't hike them.

For lodging, there's even a golf resort, Teton Springs Lodge & Spa for about what we spent on the cabin at Jackson. One of the tourists said you can see wildlife at night from your room. The pool was much larger than we found in Jackson. We'll put this place on our list for future travel, and leave you with an idea for Christmas cards. You just never know where you'll find a large human-like cat...
Omar and his cat mask


  1. From the pictures, it is clear that you had a lot of fun at Idaho. The burger looks very delicious, and I would love to try this shake, looks so refreshing.


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