Some Oddities in Dubai- Box Park and Miracle Gardens

I think the places that really surprised me in Dubai were the shopping mall made of shipping crates and the enormous A380 airliner completely covered in flowers.  Would you expect that?  Dubai can be full of surprises and I love that about the city. I enjoy knowing that there will always be something new to explore.

The Boxpark might be the best place to watch New Year's Eve fireworks, as it is outside the city center but has a great view. It's marketed as a hip shopping and dining experience, and has most of the shops you'd see in any city, but every one of them has some component that comes from a shipping container.  They are stacked and arranged like a set of building blocks, though unless you really take a closer look, you wouldn't know they weren't average buildings.  It is a place you just have to see to appreciate the engineering, architecture and beauty of the space. They even managed to sneak in patio tables, a chalkboard, and play areas for kids. I thought it was genius. We didn't do much shopping, but stopped to enjoy a gelato.

Dubai's Miracle Garden is an anomaly.  I mean, who would have thought you could grow millions of flowers in the desert? We went early in the day, but it was still incredibly hot.  The displays are a mix of structures with annual flowers planted into pots covering them, as well as normal landscaping scenes.  The A380 was a totally new way to recycle a plane though. It made the Guiness Book of World Records. If you go, bring your camera and plan to spend about an hour. With cafes surrounding the gardens, it's easy to find a place to enjoy a cold drink or snack.


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