EAA Museum- Great Place for Families

1 of 30 nose art pieces on display currently
We were in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the weekend where we visited the EAA Museum.  Since I spent 21 years in the Air Force, I have an interest in aircraft but had never been to this attraction. It features and supports experimental aircraft, but it also has a great collection of other aircraft and memorabilia.  
replica of the Wright Brothers aircraft

The current exhibit of WWII nose art is rare and unusual. This is the first museum to display these vintage paintings. Though some might find them offensive because of the women depicted, it is a view into the history of warfare. Some pieces are in the main hangar gallery, while the more provocative are in a segregated area with a warning to parents. They are beautifully presented with a history about the artists and where the aircraft flew.

Our 11 year old son was invited to take a plane ride on the opposite side of the grounds with a volunteer pilot as part of the young eagles program. This program promotes aviation among young people ages 8-17. Older teens can fly in a biplane. It was definitely the highlight of his day going up in the air and actually having the opportunity to man the controls as they flew over Oshkosh. The flight was about 10 minutes. Be sure to take the trolley to the flight side of the grounds whether you plan to take a flight because there are several hangars full of aircraft.
Checking out the plane before flight

Strapped in and ready for flight
If you want to make a day of the EAA grounds, bring a fishing pole and a picnic lunch.  It has a beautiful natural area and a fishing pond.

With a new theater showing older flight related movies, you can go to evening events.  There are also special events scheduled throughout the year, which include displays, social gatherings, and aircraft rides like the B-17.

For us it was a memorable day and though we skimmed through the museum in a couple hours, we could easily go back again and learn something new.  The volunteers are what really make this place great.  If you go, let me know what you enjoyed most!


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