The Dead Sea Spa Experience

Nothing like a little mud between friends
Covering my entire body in mud wasn't what I had envisioned when someone suggested I go to Jordan, but it turned out to be an interesting experience. I bought a 40 dinar day pass to Dead Sea Spa Hotel, which allows you a lunch buffet and use of the pools, showers, lockers, etc.

It's easy enough to get on a tour to the Dead Sea from Amman, but I had a private driver.  Taxis are harder to find going back to Amman, and therefore could be pricier than a taxi bringing you there.  Be sure to check around for the best deal. My driver stayed at the hotel while I played, so I knew how I was getting back to Amman.

When the hotel was built, it was originally on the beach. Because the salty sea is drying up, the beach is now quite a hike, so it's a good idea to wear shoes with your bathing suit. Better yet, wear water shoes so you can just go into the sea and not feel the rocks and mud under your toes.
This was where the sea level was in 2000

The current beach- full of sharp rocks
There was a large bucket full of mud and a hose at the beach. You could find a buddy and help each other cover up, or do it yourself. The idea is to cover up and let it dry. Then you walk into the sea, fall backwards and float yourself clean again. Dead Sea mud, filled with minerals like magnesium, calcium, and iron, is well-known for its therapeutic and beauty effects. It can even help with joint pain, arthritis, and skin conditions like eczema.  I had this experience two days after hiking at Petra, so it was perfect timing.  Soaking in the water felt great and actually left me feeling much better.

It helps to have a buddy willing to get messy

You really don't want to get the sea water in your eyes because it burns, so there was that hose to clean your face.  Basically it's like self inflicted waterboarding. Turn on the hose and spray the cold water at your face.

After floating for awhile, I walked back up to the pool area and did some swimming. It was only about 55 degrees, and the pools weren't very warm, but it was refreshing.  The sea felt warmer somehow, though you can't swim. It's almost impossible.  You just float. Even putting your feet on the bottom can be challenging.
Floating is easy in the sea
There are many, many places where you can buy the mud and bring it home with you.  Find one of the mega-gift shops along the main road and ask. Or just look for this enormous billboard.  The Asian tourists were all taking selfies.


  1. Hi every body,
    Try not to shave anything for a day or so before dipping in the . The water is very salty and you WILL feel the burn! The same goes for skin scrapes and cuts. While salt water can actually speed up healing, the burning sensation is not a treat...


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