Rainbow Street in Amman

I spent only one night at Amman, and it was at a budget family-owned hotel, called Antika. There are plenty of chains in the city, but I prefer to get a taste of the local culture when I travel alone and don't have to be concerned about the size of the swimming pool for my son, Omar.  This hotel was recommended by a local, and it was perfect for me.  A large room with two double beds, TV, street view, and private shower, including breakfast was less than $50.  It was also a great location, though a bit noisy being right in the city center.  Just a block away was the start of well known Rainbow Street.  Probably more used by tourists these days, it has been a hang-out for locals too.

The weather was sunny in late afternoon, so I took a stroll up the street for several blocks, talking to tourists and locals alike.  There are cafes where you can sip coffee and enjoy shisha. You'll find musicians, locals playing checkers, people-watching, and lots of shops. Here's a photo essay about what I saw.  Take a walk there if you get to Amman.
Rainbow Street starts at one of the main roundabout

Apparently pokemon is played here too

A little graffiti art

The place to go for traditional foods

Yumm! Ice cream cones and crepes here.

Authentic brick oven pizzas- buy by the slice

Traditional Jordanian crafts and clothing

In case you didn't buy a few scarves during your stay

The chefs taking a back door break

Sit at the cafe and listen to a musician

Sweets galore- the cookies were tasty


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