Finding Deals for International Road Trips

There’s something incredibly liberating about driving around a foreign country with your bags tucked in the trunk, radio blasting some unfamiliar tunes, and snacks right beside you. You have the freedom to make your own itinerary. You can stop at roadside stands to buy fresh fruit. If you see a destination  on a roundabout sign, you can follow it freely.  Once you’ve done this, a commercial tour with a rigid itinerary just won’t do. It does take a bit of courage though, and a device to help you find your way like an iPhone with a data plan or a GPS with local maps downloaded. My usual takeaway from a road trip is that I feel accomplished, having gone out of my comfort zone a bit more. Every trip brings something new- roadsigns in a foreign language, police checkpoints, tolls to be paid, and interesting vehicles like the truck we saw carrying an enormous load of hay.

Last summer, we took a month long road trip around Morocco, which I wrote about in a book coming out in June, called Journey to Fez.  We found our vehicle, a tan Citroen Berlingo using Groupon Coupon before we left the US, and picked it up at an office in Marrakesh. We drove more than 1000 miles, through dusty rural roads shared with donkey carts, and also on the modern tollways through mountains. It was an adventure, to be sure. My husband who has never had a speeding ticket in his life, got two during this trip. It was impossible to avoid them. Police were everywhere. 
Police held speed guns along the street

Our car for the month
For anyone planning a trip, you’ll find that Groupon is the first place to go when searching for bargains.  You might be familiar with city tours or restaurant deals, but with Groupon Coupon, you can search companies that advertise through them, click on links for whatever you need, and save a bundle.  In this case, we used Sixt, a company we’ve used several times abroad in Zagreb, Santorini, and most recently Dubai.  It’s our go-to company because of price, service, and quality of vehicles. In every case, we got a car that was nearly brand new for much cheaper than we would have paid in the US, and the price was in US dollars, payable by credit card.

Using Groupon Coupon is easy, no matter what you’re seeking. You can find hotels, electronics, clothing stores, and much more. Just look for the coupons tab at Groupon.  You don’t actually need to copy a code or print anything. Just click on the coupon and it should take you to the deal at their website.  Easy peasy. So where would you like to drive this summer? A road trip adventure awaits you!

This post contains sponsored links from Groupon.


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