In Search of Bathing Suit

It's become second nature to shop on line.  Though I love supporting local retailers for hand made gifts, I hate the trek to the mall, dealing with crowds, parking etc. for something like clothes shopping.  The idea of going out on black Friday makes me cringe.  I have a few sites I go to regularly, but I came across a new program that Groupon is doing. Groupon Coupons.  I used to check websites like "retailmenot" when I thought I'd found a bargain to see if there was a coupon, but this is just as easy to use, but a bit more helpful when looking for specific bargains.  The best part was knowing that I wouldn't go through a slew of expired deals before finding one that worked.  

In search of a bathing suit for our upcoming Bali trip, I thought I'd see what I could find.  I have actually checked out a few local stores and was not really too surprised that you can't find a bathing suit in stock this time of year.  I was pleased to see that many of my favorite stores have coupons with groupon- Macy's, Nordstrom, Kohl's, and even Land's End! You can see the favorites listed at the bottom of the Groupon page, but definitely do a search if you have a store in mind.  Most large retailers are there.

Once I found Land's End, I checked out the list of deals and clicked on the best coupon for me.  It copied a code that I could use at checkout and took me directly to the Land's End website.  There was a slight glitch on this particular one.  You have to copy it, but it had a word and a pin, so I ended up going back to the original link to find out what to put where.  Anyway, I found a bathing suit and saved $30.  Not a bad deal.

I might also mention that it's not just clothing here- you can buy almost anything.  I saw vacations, electronics, food, and a lot more.  Most do require ordering online. Check it out to see how you can save some money. 


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