Start the Day with a Sunrise

About 15 minutes before sunrise, the sky and water look like they are on fire
There's something so refreshing about getting up for a sunrise.  This is maybe the best time of year to do it because you don't have to get up too early.  Sunrise here in Milwaukee is about 7:20 right now.  Since I have a son who's up early anyway, we just pulled on our snow pants and parkas over our pajamas this morning and headed to Lake Michigan.  We don't do this very often, but when we do, we always go for doughnuts afterwards.  It was my bribe to get him started in the morning, and now it's just a habit.  He's a good sport.

The entire coastline is frozen and there are some pretty looking "icebergs" out in the water.  They are really just smaller rocks that have had frozen waves over the past few weeks and grew into something much larger.
The geese and seagulls were out in full force this morning
For the past week, it's been pretty cold here so we haven't really seen much wildlife.  In fact this patch of water had been frozen up until Friday.  Now that it's open water again, the geese are back.  Many times, we're the only people on the beach for sunrise. Today, there were about 8 other photographers and a few people just out walking dogs.  I think it's a quiet, magic part of the day and encourage you to try it.  Get up early and get outside to enjoy the sunrise.
The clouds were moving rather quickly

The frozen beach with some pretty cloud formations


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