I wrote the book!

I have been a bit absent here in the past month, but it isn't because I've been off having spectacular adventures.  I wrote earlier about trying to find a job, and to be honest, I got tired of the applications, interviews, and rejection letters for the present time.  The job market is tough when you've been out of it for 9 years, and there are a lot of talented people looking for work right now.  It's kind of a handicap to be a housewife at my age.  So I decided to become an author.

I decided one month ago to write a book and it is done!  I have another blog about Milwaukee Parks, and I decided to focus on writing about that for now.  I came up with "101 Things to do in Milwaukee Parks", and it's available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.  In fact, you can purchase the paperback and get the kindle version for free.

I have to admit, the writing was the joyous part of the project.  The editing and converting files to a format for Kindle were....well, really not much fun, but it was a learning experience.  And I've heard it said that learning new things is a good thing as we get older so that we keep creating new brain cells.  Golly, I sure hope this whole experience created a few!  I also have heard that everyone has a book in them.  If you have an idea, I encourage you to explore writing a book.  It's much easier now that you can self publish.  I used www.createspace.com.  You can hire an editor via their website if formatting is not your thing.  It was frustrating at times, but I have to admit, it can be done pretty easily.  The beauty of doing it this way is that you don't have to stockpile hundreds of your own books.  They print them on demand.  I can assure you, it won't make anyone rich, but I think it's a way to share ideas.

So here is my book project!  Maybe you'll find the time to read it and come explore Milwaukee parks.  Fun in the outdoors is never a bad thing!


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