The Most Interesting Bathrooms in the World!!!

It's no secret to anyone who travels with me that I love to check out public restrooms.  I love it when they surprise me!  It's great when you look up and see a message or interesting artwork on the ceiling. You can find scenic views when the wall on a skyscraper is glass. Sometimes it's the commode itself which is the attraction.  It can be a challenge to find the flushing device, or a way to turn on the water. Lovely flowers or decorative walls are a plus.  Amazing technology makes the visit a real treat.

I was unaware though, that there is an international contest to select the best restrooms in Canada and the USA, until I visited the John Michael Kohler Art Museum in Sheboygan this week.  If you have a potty fettish like me, and you love creativity, you have to visit the Art Museum website, and view the photos of the world class bathrooms, which include porcelain pieces of artwork, even down to painted poetry in the commode!  I went camera crazy, even venturing into the men's room, just to see what they had done.  I've included a few photos I've taken of these toilets, as well as some of my favorites we've seen in other places too.  Be sure to check out the contest page for America's best restroom and vote for your favorite.  Maybe one day, there will be a world wide contest.  Until then, enjoy some of my favorite photos from Chimney Rock, NC, Kohler Waters spa at the American Club Resort, Edinburgh's Balmoral Hotel, Aranwa hotel in Cusco Peru, Milwaukee's Pfister hotel, The Urban Ecology Center at Riverside Park in Milwaukee, and The Giant's House at Akaroa New Zealand.  There are quite a few photos, so for a slideshow version, click on a photo and start through the series.
Outdoor murals adorn the walls of the toilets at Chimney Rock Park in North Carolina

How about a waterfall behind the toilet?  Chimney Rock, NC

Pretty realistic hawk over the toilet, Chimney Rock NC

This toilet at Kohler Spa had an electronic wall remote that could play music, light the commode, add heat, water pressured bidet, and even close the lid!

Each hotel bathroom in Edinburgh's Balmoral Hotel features movie photos
of Scotsmen actors or tales of Scotsmen

Aranwa hotel in Cuzco, Peru had this amazing tub, heated towel bars, and stone everywhere

The view from the restrooms at the top of the Pfister Hotel is the Milwaukee skyline

At the Urban Ecology Center, this toilet flushes with rainwater!  The most eco-friendly!

Painted lingerie lines the sinks of the women's room at John Kohler Art Museum, Sheboygan, WI

Lovely paintings of undergarments adorn each stall, John Kohler Art Museum, Sheboygan WI

The bathroom all in blue, John Kohler Art Museum, Sheboygan, WI

Such vibrant colors in the porcelain! John Kohler Art Museum, Sheboygan WI

The men's room at John Kohler Art Museum takes a historic perspective, Sheboygan WI
Tiled floor at the Giant's House in Akaroa, New Zealand

Loved the shoes on the ceiling at the Giant's House, NZ

Creative tiling on the toilet and graffiti greetings, Giant's House, NZ


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