Rejoining the Workforce

About 4 years ago I got a small inheritance from an uncle I had only met briefly as a child.  I decided to take my husband and son and I on an Alaskan cruise with the money to celebrate my husband's 50th birthday.  It was something he said he'd always wanted to do.  It was the start of something much bigger, because shortly after that more people close to me started getting very sick and eventually dying- my best friend, brother, cousin, next door neighbor, and then my mom.  As they got sick, it occurred to me that those words, "Carpe Diem", were truly useful.  I made a conscious decision to say "YES!" to every opportunity that arose, and to enjoy my life with those I loved.  I had plenty of credit available and vowed to go back to the workforce when the cards were maxed out or when I had enough fun.

The last four years have been incredible.  I've done everything on my bucket list.  I made special memories with family members.  I've taken time to play with my youngest son and grand son.  I traveled to 6 continents, walked on a glacier with my niece in Alaska, cooked in the kitchen of an Egyptian cruise ship with the head chef, spent time in the same room on multiple occasions with 2 presidents & vice presidents and their first ladies, tore out my entire front yard and planted it in flowers, rode camels at Giza pyramids, hot air ballooned with my son over the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, hiked all day around Machu Picchu, did Disney parks several times with my kids, photographed birds on the Galapagos islands, met my pen pal of 35 years in her home country of Japan during cherry blossom season, helicoptered over active lava fields, watched elephants graze on safari in Uganda, enjoyed a show at the Opera House in Sydney, slept in a lighthouse cottage, saw the excitement of the Olympics in London, biked, rollerbladed, sailed, & kayaked, chased Omar at pools and playgrounds across the world, and made many good friends along the way.

In a few weeks, my daughter and I are going to do one of the things on her bucket list- visit Milan during fashion week!  We also plan to stop in Istanbul for 2 nights, and do a couple of day trips to Venice and Lake Como.  I'm so looking forward to spending some time with her while our kids are here with their dads.  After this trip, my credit cards should be irresponsibly, delightfully, completely maxed out.  I don't regret it for a second.

I know lots of people who died with money in their bank accounts and a life full of regret for the things they never got to do.  My next door neighbor's house was recently purchased and is being renovated.  Each day it looks a little better and I think about how he left more than $300,000 behind but never had air conditioning put in.  His house is so much more comfortable now, and he wasn't here to enjoy it.
My son Jake and I at Alexandria, Egypt
Machu Picchu with my husband

Disney is for kids of all ages!
So it is with this anticipation, that I started looking for a job.  It will mean a lot of changes, but I've been out of the work force since 2004, so I feel it's going to be interesting.  I will look forward to adult conversation, and adding benefit to something bigger than my own inspirations.  I already took a couple of civil service exams and passed, so hopefully that will lead to interviews.  I'm not too worried, although someone told me that it's much harder to find a job after 50, and with each successive birthday your odds of finding a job go down by 10%.  I have never had a job I didn't love.  I've always enjoyed learning something new and meeting new people.  


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