Koppa's Fulbeli Deli- another weird wonderful Milwaukee destination

Is that really a coyote?

You know something is different about this place as soon as you enter the door and a stuffed coyote perched atop the dairy cooler, or in this case "Diary" greets you.  This is Wisconsin where hunting and grocery shopping apparently go hand in hand.  This is it.  Koppa's Fulbeli Deli and home of the Hodag.    I've lived here 8 years and I still had to look that one up.  Apparently a mythical creature from northern WI, it inspired a breakfast sandwich similar to the egg mcmuffin.  And this place has living room seating while you wait for your sandwich to be prepared.  Have you ever seen an end cap to a grocery aisle with a stuffed deer head adorning it?  This place is cool.

Haven't you always wanted to do this?   And that picture to the right I'm pretty sure was on my bedroom wall in grade school.  Where do they find such great stuff?

My son showing off his chips while he waits in the "living room"

We went back to the deli, which is famous for great sandwiches and has some great names to boot.  I ordered the Frukwine and my daughter settled on a stralkowski, both reasonably priced (and huge) for $5.29 each.  My son who only eats a white diet of pasta, cheese pizza, chips, crackers, and dry egg noodles was thrilled that they even make french fries.  He picked up a bag of egg noodles and chips, just to be sure.  We were planning a lake side picnic which can cause a young boy to work up an appetite.

They only sat down for a moment because we noticed the FREE ATARI games.  This place was looking way better than any northwoods tavern at this point.  It was only a bonus that they have games, and they are surrounded by coolers with just about every drink known to man.  I have never seen such a selection.  Even kombucha.  And if you need a fruit fix, you can pick your yellow bananas off the imitation banana tree at the checkout.

Which game to play?  There were so many!
Fresh banana tree

"So I put the badger up by the Mardi Gras masks", I can imagine the crew discussing.  Makes Sense.
A vast selection of local beers
The decorating in this store is so incredibly unique.  You forget you're here to buy groceries.  And the people who live in the neighborhood and are really just "shopping" look at you strange because you are taking pictures of everything in sight.  How have I not been in this store before?  And the best part is that the prices are really pretty good.  They don't charge an admission fee to browse the aisles.  The service was decent, and they have everything you need in a pinch.  I think I love this place.  We eventually had to leave though.  We headed to Lake Michigan for a picnic with our kids.  The sandwiches, fries, and chips were perfect.  This was a great place to collect our picnic goods!

And the Frezon Foods section is definitely the religious part of the store...must be the shining lights

Omar (on the right) is teaching Landon to eat dried noodles too.  Lunch of Milwaukee champs!

Look at that sandwich!  Dripping with goodness!


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