Puerto Rico's Historic Forts

If you visit San Juan, Puerto Rico, you must spend half a day visiting the national park's forts at Castillo San Cristobal and Castillo San Felip del Morro.  These extraordinary structures are still standing in spite of centuries of wind and weather.  They were built to fortify the island against enemies and took more than 200 years to build.  At one time, the entire city of old San Juan was completely enclosed by a wall.  Click on the national park link for more information about the history of this amazing place.  They are also listed as UNESCO world heritage sites, and you can read more about them at the UNESCO link as well.  We've made it a priority to see more of these fascinating UNESCO world heritage sites when we travel.  There are currently 962 sites, and you can see the list of all of them along with a map.  In my lifetime I've seen just around 50, so we still have a long way to go!

We thought it was fun to see the huge forts and to explore the jails, dungeons, staircases, and walls.  Our son Omar had a really great time, although at the time these buildings were made, there weren't any safety limitations.  Because of that, it was a bit nerve wracking for us with so many places to jump or fall over the walls for him.  It took 3 of us in constant panic mode to keep up with him.

these were left by previous tenants- probably sea captains 
You can freely open the jail door  to try it out

walls are thick and high

gorgeous ocean views

loved the high ceilings and arches

soldiers' quarters

layers of fort walls with 6 levels

the old lighthouse at el Morro

So many places to crawl

years of changing features

rooms connected through doorways


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