Wisconsin Snow FUN!

We're back from our vacation!  As you've read- it was really fun.  But I love snow too so I was thrilled to come back and see snow in the forecast.  We got about 6 inches on Thursday which made for perfect conditions to play in the snow yesterday.  You have to pack in a lot of fun when it snows, because you never know how long it will last here.  And of course it's raining today, so it was short lived.

Lake Park at Lake Michigan
I hiked with a friend at Lake Park on Friday and it was so pretty.  All the trees were covered with what looked like frosting.  Lake Michigan looked blue-green in contrast.  You can also see the lighthouse all covered in snow.  Kind of white on white as you look at the photo.

Later that day, my son Omar and I went to a park with bridges in it to just play in the snow.  The sun was just going down and we caught a good photo of one of the bridges.  He was eating all the snow- at least it was fresh!

The next day we went dog sledding at  Whitnall park.  What fun!  All the dogs are rescues and so good at what they do.  They also have a pretty good sized hill on the golf course where you can sled or toboggan and it was a very busy place.  We went down a couple of times, but the climb up is the hard work!

Later that night my sister and I went snowshoeing at Pike Lake- a state forest area.  The park had lit 2 trails with luminaries and there was a roaring bonfire to enjoy afterwards.  I'd never done anything like that in the dark before.  It's a lot more challenging than you might think.  They had telescopes set up for star viewing and the weather was perfect for this kind of event.

This morning my son Omar reminded me we still had a snowman to decorate in the front yard.  We built it the other night when the snow was still falling and couldn't finish it before bedtime.  He wanted a spiderman, so we found some yarn to make webs and filled spray bottles with food coloring and water.  He seemed pleased with the result.

It's been the perfect weekend to enjoy the snow!

North Point Lighthouse, Milwaukee

Our spiderman snowman with Omar (Spiderman)
Sledding down the hill! Wheeeee!
The sun shining on the bridge over the frozen creek
Candlelight snowshoeing
Dog Sledding in the fresh snow

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