Galley Lunch on the Silver Shadow Cruise Ship

No one ever takes a cruise and loses weight. Or if they do, I don't understand it.  Food is plentiful, delicious, and available everywhere, 24 hours of the day. Sometimes when there's a day at sea, the staff plan a special meal for the guests. On our current cruise ship, it's galley lunch and it's quite amazing!

On this day, the galley where meals are prepared is open to the public and you get to see everyone at work, as well as having a multitude of different foods served buffet style. The dining room and galley area are also decorated with colorful paper lanterns, ice sculptures, and other fanciful decorations made out of food. It's quite impressive and very different than most of us do in our own homes.

You begin with the salad and fruit bar, then on to seafood including an ice sculpture of a moose head filled with shrimp, as well as a huge pan of mussels. If you still have room, there are curries, biryani dishes including one with goat meat that Abdul enjoyed. Maybe you want to try stir fry? Then roast fish, pork, and beef. Of course there are at least a dozen varieties of bread and plenty of cheeses from around the world. And dessert is placed on an immense table out in the dining room in front of the musical group which plays throughout the meal. And take a look at the chocolate sculpted dragon head at the center of desserts! Whew! Plenty of choices! Then maybe a nap for the rest of the afternoon.

Salmon in so many varieties

Seafood stew and it was all fresh caught

Really?  It's a chocolate sculptured dragon!

Much too pretty to eat!

Not just cheesecake...chocolate sails on it!

These guys were very talented and played every day.  The staff on the cruise ship never have a free day.

Abdul loved all the curry selections- even goat meat!


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