Swimming at Mossman Gorge

This was my favorite day so far- who would have thought that an unplanned day of hiking and swimming could be so much fun? Port Douglas is right near the Daintree rain forest, and Mossman is both a town and a gorge. We drove here (I'm getting pretty good at this now, although I still hit the wipers instead of the turn signals. Everything is opposite here- steering wheel on the right. Drive on the left.) by way of Mossman where we picked up some sandwiches and drinks for a picnic. You have to park at the visitor center and take a bus to the gorge trails. We wore bathing suits and brought towels from the hotel. The heat has been pretty overwhelming all over Australia lately. This seemed like a better idea than hanging out at the resort pool, where the water is warm like a bath.

The hike to the river where there are large boulders and pools with cool, clear water was only about 10 minutes along walkways that brought you above the forest floor. Abdul was happy about this as we had heard we might see snakes here. We got in the swimming hole a bit slowly, as it felt cold to me,but an Aussie assured me it was "refreshing"! We enjoyed watching the young people jump off boulders and watched the fish swim by our feet, then we hiked the 2km path into the rain forest where we got more views of the rivers and read the interpretive signs about plants and wildlife. We swam again at one point where it was just us and watched marvelous bright blue and orange butterflies and dragonflies fly above our heads. How incredible to feel like you're all alone in the jungle.


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