Cairns Esplanade and Harbor

The Shangri-la hotel where we stayed in Cairns is right on the harbor, so you have a great view of the yachts and other vessels that provide sightseeing tours. I took my morning walk along the boardwalk that leads to the beautiful esplanade that runs the length of the waterfront. I have to say this is THE BEST WATERFRONT PARK EVER!!!!! Whoever designed this property had everyone's needs in mind. There's an exhaustive list of activities you can do here and it is such a beautiful setting. Then they had the foresight to put interpretive signs along the walking path so you learn a great deal about the region and its history.

There's a giant fig tree that's been made into a treehouse park. I would have enjoyed exploring it more but a backpacker was taking a snooze there. No worries. There are lots of young people backpacking across Australia, but very few homeless people. It seems very safe.

Because of the crocodiles and stingrays, the water is pretty much off limits. To compensate for that, there's a huge free pool and a children's park with water features. When I walked by, there were dozens of kids taking swim lessons. There are even lifeguards on duty.

If you're hungry, pack your favorite meats and grill on the gas grills provided or have a picnic in the green areas under the shade trees. You can also pick up a cold drink or ice cream at one of the small kiosks with outdoor seating.

In addition to all this, there are exercise stations, a skateboard park, bike lanes, wooden boardwalk, and a war memorial. And did i forget to mention free outdoor yoga classes?!! Anyone could find something to do here. I would love to have this in our hometown!

Here's the fig tree park

skateboarding anyone?

mature trees shade the walking path

free swimming pool

You can climb inside the fish's mouth for fun
Cairns harbor at lowtide


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