WI Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts

It was a cold snowy weekend up in Cedarburg when we went to see the Wisconsin Quilt Museum.  This little gem of a museum packs a punch with so many beautiful things to see.  It's not just quilts currently being shown, but rather a selection of clothing, dolls, and other bits of handiwork.  This museum opened in a beautiful refurbished barn just over one year ago.  I've wanted to go since it opened, but we finally made it there in time for their ornament making.

Omar worked with some volunteers to make a felt candycane with buttons sewn on the front, but they had all kinds of creative ideas, and the stuff to do it with.  Once we did that, I browsed through the gift shop which had a variety of handmade scarves, pin cushions, bags, hats, mittens, etc.  You could certainly find something appealing for yourself or anyone who might need a thoughtful, one of a kind gift.  I've been told they have a library in the basement for people looking for specific books or patterns related to handworks.

They had a program called, "Celebrate the Artist" with working artists among all the displays.  There were 3 artists who were doing quilting, and knitting- Sally Fogelberg, Myra Van Uxem, and Judy Raddatz.  They were extremely patient with omar.  Myra let him fill her new pin cushion with pins to make a porcupine.  We talked about their passion for handcrafts and what their current projects were.

Myra Van Uxem ironing a quilt piece
Sally Fogelberg stitching a quilt square

Judy Raddatz knitting
We also enjoyed seeing a collection of handmade dolls on loan from the Texas Association of Original Doll Artists.  These were not the ordinary child play things, but rather works of art with glass beads, mohair, lace, and mixed media.  If you enjoy dolls, look at their website for the storybook collection where artists have made dolls to go along with books.  It's very unique!
Rehab the Harlot doll
I hope to go back to this lively place for a future class or exhibit.  The volunteers are friendly and I would love to see the additional buildings on the old farmstead.  This is a place where fun and learning are likely!


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