Global giving gifts

When we were at the diaspora conference in Washington, DC a few months ago, we each received a $10 gift card to be used at  I went to their website and browsed several of the projects before selecting one in Senegal for begging children.  The hope is that if they have enough money for these begging boys, they won't be sent out to find food and money, and instead can go to school and maybe find a better life one day.  Once you donate, you receive updates about what is going on with the project.  It gives you a little ownership over a little piece of compassionate work around the world.

You don't need to have a gift card to use their website or to donate to a project.  Anyone can donate using a credit card or paypal to any project.  Think of it as a global clearing house for doing good.  You can also submit projects that you'd like to receive funding for.  As you think about small (or big) gifts for people you give at this time of year, I encourage you to consider these gift cards.  There's something empowering about using one, and not only are you doing good, but the receiver benefits as well as the end receiver.  It's just a chain of feeling good.


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