Democracy here and in Somalia

It seems fitting that on the night we all anxiously await the voting results which will announce the President of the US, that my husband is out helping get the vote.  He was knocking on doors over the weekend too.  He was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, where he volunteered to attend and paid all of his own fees.  He is definitely committed to our current President Barack Obama.

Abdulhamid was born in Mogadishu, Somalia and his father held several elected offices, including states minister- a position similar to that of Hillary Clinton in the USA now.  Somalia was a democracy when my husband lived there, but then the regime changed and the federal government collapsed in 1991.  It's just now starting to become a democracy again.
Here is Abdulhamid's dad, Mohamed Ali Daar, shaking hands with President Johnson at John F. Kennedy's funeral

Abdulhamid and all of his family came to the USA and have since become US citizens.  Because he grew up in a home surrounded by politics, he understands the stress and pressure elected officials are under and says he even had to tell his dad that he would never run for elected office.  His own father reminded him of all the sacrifices these governing officials make by working for the better good.

I hope true democracy will come again to Somalia but it's a work in progress.  Tonight as Americans vote and watch the results on big screen TVs in warm comfortable homes, I'm reminded how lucky we are to have that right.  So many countries, especially in Africa, don't have the ability to vote for their governments and are dying trying to gain it.

Whoever is elected tonight, I hope the nation will support him.  It has been an incredibly divisive time for America.  The divide between rich and poor, black and white, educated and working class, etc. seems to be at an all time recent high.  


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