Christmas in a Muslim household

Since marrying Abdulhamid, I really don't celebrate Christmas anymore, and it's kind of a relief.  I used to feel all stressed out by the holiday parties, shopping, decorating, finding the perfect tree, putting up a tree, cleaning needles off the floor and waiting for a dog to knock it over, and burden of expenses in finding gifts for everyone.  If you look at Christmas in the US, and maybe many other places too, it's just become a frenzy of consumerism featuring a round bellied man who says ho-ho!  Even the Pope has come out in his new book, and said that Christmas is not the date that Jesus was born, however in the past few days, the Vatican has mentioned that the Pope is not canceling Christmas!

I still enjoy some aspects of the holiday for the social benefit.  I like Christmas carols and enjoy looking at the holiday lights.  We still have a dinner with our kids or plan a special outing where we are all together as a family.  We sometimes exchange cookies and holiday cards.    Yesterday, Omar and I even made a gingerbread house.

For me, Christmas has become a secular holiday much like Halloween.  We are making some new traditions for our family that are centered around the holidays, but it's not about church going or nativity sets.  Even in our multicultural schools, they hold winter or holiday concerts but there are no songs about Christ's birth.  It's more about "Jingle Bells", or "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas".  It's a nice time to reach out to your friends and hold tea parties, or give donations to the needy.  There are some American traditions that just seem to fit with the Christmas celebrations, no matter what religion you are.  Maybe what we all need is a good dose of what Seinfeld called "Festivus"!  Here's hoping that your December is a great one, no matter what you do!
I ditched the Christmas tree but still hold dear all the homemade dolls
 I've collected and received over the years.

Omar loves to go to the local brewery to see Santa
 and have a rootbeer bottle made with his own private label to give to teachers.


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