Chinese Massage

It hurts so good.  Chinese massage.  Hard to find but once you do, you will never think the same way about massage.  There's a new Oriental massage place in my shopping mall and I'm so excited!  My son Jake and I went there the other night and had a foot massage and back massage.  40 minutes for $40.  This is only my third experience with it, but it really helps get out stubborn knots in the shoulders. At one point the therapist was putting pressure on my toe and I could suddenly breathe better- cleared out my sinuses.  I thought it odd, but not when you consider the diagram below.  This stuff works.  At most of these small shops, you don't even remove any clothing.

The first time I tried it was in a Chinese massage store right next to a small bubble tea shop in north Dallas, TX.  (That's a whole other story- but click on the link to learn how to make this tapioca based tea.)  My husband and I were on vacation and had driven past it a few times.  I was drawn to the sign out front that promised pain relief and had a large sign of a foot with lots of words showing what part of the foot was connected to vital organs.  It was also cheap.  An hour for $30.  What was there not to like about trying this?  I always have aching feet and tight shoulders.  I talked my husband and brother-in-law into trying it and it was an experience not to be forgotten.  First we sat in recliners all in the same room and we had our feet soaked in hot water for a few minutes.  Then they dry them and begin accupressure on the soles and toes of your feet.  I didn't know what to expect.  It was excruciating!  Painful to the point that all of us were trying not to cry!  You were so glad when they stopped!  It had to feel better, right?  There's a reason the term "Chinese torture" exists.  Where did they learn to do this?  China of course.  The massage technicians said they were all trained in China but normally you can find these places in any large city that has a China town.

Then we laid down on the same chair that converted into a bed.  Using their elbows and other body parts, they seemed to search for knots of muscles- in a search and destroy mission.  The whole basis seems to be on pressure points.  It does not feel good at the time, but it works better than general massage.  You may be in pain during the session but a few days later you realize you can move your arms and neck better than you used to.

When we were in New York City, I found a small massage place on the second floor of a building that looked a bit sketchy.  We climbed the stairs and walked into a sweet smelling room with a row of curtains surrounding beds.  At this Chinese massage, you removed your clothing and covered with a sheet.  Someone once told me if you want to relax, do a regular spa massage where they use nice oils and gently rub their hands over your body.  If you want to fix something that is out of sorts, find a Chinese massage.  I think it's true.  So what are you waiting for?  If you can find a Chinese massage or Oriental massage place near your home, check it out.  It will be an experience you won't forget!


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