Still just looking at Harleys

An old friend from the Air Force stopped through Milwaukee today and we met at the Harley Davidson museum.  I still haven't found a harley to ride for my list of 50, but this was a whole lot of fun just looking at them.  This is a great museum, built in 2008, and is currently ranked #2 of attractions in Milwaukee on It is 2 floors of motorcycles and stories about the company that will impress you or make you downright patriotic.  How they ever gathered so many unique artifacts, including helmets, oil cans, leather, etc. is amazing to me.  I learned a lot about how the company stayed afloat during recessions, wars, and a changing economy.  I loved that there were some interactive exhibits, and even a children's area.  I brought my grandson along and he loved all the bikes you could climb on.  It was difficult to have a real conversation with my friend, but we did manage to do some catching up on life, while still keeping an eye on Landon who wanted one of everything there.  And who wouldn't?  I still hope to find a harley ride some time in my future.  I am starting to understand the wide appeal.
look at all the gas tank designs
He needs to grow a bit more before he gets a harley of his very own!
how would you like to ride in that outfit?
the first motorcycles were really more like bicycles

even the old advertising is shown


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