Spa Day with My Daughter

Today I checked off another from my list of 50- spa day.  Aaaaahhhhh.  I had looked forward to this event but it was hard to schedule since my daughter wanted to do it with me, and we both have kids that need entertaining while we're gone for the day.  I ended up booking us at the only 5 star spa in Wisconsin, Kohler Waters Spa, because who wouldn't be curious about a 5 star spa.  I had never done it so I didn't know what to expect.  Having a massage isn't the same thing as spending a full day at a spa. Let me start by saying, this was very expensive so we had high expectations.  Neither of us were disappointed.
The waterfall pool

View from the roof garden
Spa room at the rooftop

 We were met in the lobby and were served coffee and tea while we got a little briefing about the day.  Then we went downstairs where a polite attendant gave us lockers which contained a robe and sandals to use for the day.  We had 50 minute massages first off, so we changed and went to a waiting room.  It was just a few minutes before our masseuses came to find us.  Guided to individual rooms with dim lighting, soft music, and the smell of essential oils, we basked in relaxation while they tried to work the kinks out.  It was pretty nice.
After the massage, we could enjoy the spa pools- and there were plenty.  Up on the rooftop there was a fireplace with cushions so you could lay in front of the fire and rest or read a book.  We checked out the hot tub for awhile and chatted with some 'spa afficionados' we met.  They were a group of women who go to spas several times a year and they told us how to get the best deals and could compare spas for us.  This was their favorite spa as far as customer service, but they enjoyed Sundara Spa in Wisconsin Dells for the outdoor experience.  Imagine sitting in a hot tub surrounded by snow!  They also thought you could get a better deal by staying at the hotel associated with the spas, as then the spa facilities are open for your use just by being a guest.  Good to know in case we ever do this again.  We tried the steam room, dry sauna, and a couple of other tubs before we showered.  This is Kohler.  They are known for their bath fixtures.  The showers had all the latest showerheads.  Of course all the bath products were there for you to try for free.  Then there was a room full of blow dryers, mirrors, brushes, etc.  Anything you seemed to want was there for you.

The American Club is known for their lovely Sunday brunch.  We headed over there and enjoyed every bite!  The waitress insisted we not leave before we tried the creme brulee french toast.  We were stuffed by the time we finished.
Sunday Brunch at the American Club
So many delectable choices!

At the Kohler Design Center
We had a little time before our pedicures, so we stopped in at the Kohler Design Center.  This is a place you can get ideas for remodeling your bathroom or kitchen.  Everything is so beautiful and they work very hard to help you see how it could look in your own home by adding lots of details.  There is also a museum on the lower floor that explains the history of Kohler.  We were surprised to learn that the American Club was first used to house new immigrants who worked at Kohler in the early days- a sort of dormitory.  It sure has changed in the years since.  The coolest Kohler invention we saw all day?  The toilet shown below.  It has back lighting so you won't need a night light to go potty at night.  There is a remote control (looks like a smart phone) that controls the bidet water flow, temperature, direction, lid up/down.  There is even a fan to dry your bottom!  What a dream!  The sales lady said the opening in the bottom is just the right size so that your phone will never be flushable either.  You have to try all the bathrooms in the Kohler buildings because you just never know what you're going to find!
The fanciest toilet of all- with remote control!
We headed back to the spa for a pedicure that was unlike any other.  You get the heated foot soak, but they also do exfoliation using lime sea salt.  There's a masque for your legs and feet.  They heat up flat stones and place them between your toes- that was really wonderful.  Then you still have the choice of polish and all the nice scrubbing and cleaning you might expect.  Loved this!  They had a special with this that included $50 in Kohler Woodlake shopping bucks, so we even got to do a little shopping before heading home.  It was a great day.  The sun was shining.  Leaves were bursting with yellow and red.  And best of all, I got to share it with my lovely daughter.
Stones collected from Lake Superior heated and placed between the toes


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