Challenges and joys of parenting a child with special needs

Dance like nobody is watching
Having a child with special needs will change your life.  Omar is a handful.  Not just once in awhile, but every day.  We love him dearly but can never predict what he's going to come up with on a daily basis.  Saturday night was no exception.  He was watching a movie we had loaned from the library, called "Monster House".  It's a kid movie that he's seen before, but it has a lot of action and it's clear that Omar can't distinguish reality from a story.  The kids in the movie were struggling with a house that wants to swallow them up, and he got caught up in the action.  They were also calling for help.  Next thing I know, the TV screen is black except for a tiny white star mark where something has obviously hit it.  I asked him about it and he says he threw his magic Harry Potter plastic wand at the monster house, and now he's asking for my phone to call 911.  I go to tell my husband what happened and try to explain that it's just a movie, and while I do that, he finds my cell phone AND CALLS 911!  I ended up intercepting the phone as the nice guy on the other end is asking what kind of trouble is at the house.    Omar keeps telling him the kids are in trouble at the house.

On one hand, I'm incredibly proud.  The past month at school, they have been focusing on firefighters helping people and what to do if you're in trouble or have a fire at your house.  I see that he gets it.  He knows how to pick up the phone and get someone to listen to him in an emergency.  Now it's just a matter of him learning what a real emergency is.

Sometimes I have to pause and reflect.  I remember all the funny stuff he's done and try to remember that when it's all over, it's usually just another day and there really isn't a terrible tragedy.  Sometimes it's costly, but we get over it.  Here are just a few funny things Omar has done that keep me smiling.
I was on the computer while he decided to drag out all the leftovers and some other stuff to make breakfast for Woody. It wasn't easy getting raw egg out of the carpet.

Funniest face of all time on a ride at Universal Studios

 He painted the ball...and rolled it all over the house.
 I cleaned up paint for weeks.

This was the day he painted the baby

The TV remote had been missing.  We found it when I turned on the oven.

And then he found a way to get out of the new fence too

We had problems with him climbing out of the yard, so we got a new fence.
This was the flight where Omar broke the toilet off the wall in the bathroom.
 He isn't as innocent as he looks!  Fortunately it was easy to fix.

I was making hummingbird food and he hijacked the sugar
you can dry all sorts of body parts in one of these

We're heading out for Montreal tomorrow and I'm hoping it will be an adventure with a side dish of fun.  My husband will be in meetings all day, and Omar and I are going to do some sightseeing.  It's always a challenge.  I feel better when I have a few extra people to help out with him.  But I know in the end that whatever happens, it will all be ok in the end.  I learn not to take myself or life too seriously from Omar.


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