What an Amazing Life Experience- Democratic Convention in Person!

I'm back home now and what a wild week it was at the Democratic National Convention.  We had a great time and saw so many politicians and outstanding people who support Americans in general.  It was very uplifting!  For me, there were so many great speeches, but what stood out was the speech given by former President Bill Clinton.  I admit, I've not done my homework about the candidates for 2012.  I get depressed by news programs, tune out to political interviews, and find I enjoy being with people or gardening to reading the newspaper when it comes to politics.  I was so ignorant!  And ignorance really isn't blissful.  It felt good to hear about all the great stuff that is already going on in America since President Obama took office.  Too often, news reports focus on the negative and you can start to feel like there is no end in sight for those who lost jobs, lost homes, found themselves without healthcare, etc.  In case you missed it, you can read the entire speech at the washington post website  http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/dnc-2012-bill-clintons-speech-at-the-democratic-national-convention-excerpt/2012/09/05/f208865e-f7a4-11e1-8253-3f495ae70650_story.html

My husband was in the audience for all 3 nights and here's a photo he took of the two presidents above.  His favorite speech was by the Michigan former governor, Jennifer Granholm.  Again, the Washington Post has a video of the entire speech so if you missed it, watch it here.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/jennifer-granholms-full-speech-at-the-dnc/2012/09/06/2980094e-f88c-11e1-8b93-c4f4ab1c8d13_video.html

I was lucky enough to attend the 2nd women's caucus where not only was first lady Michelle Obama there, but so was Dr. Jill Biden!  They are such real women.  Dr. Biden still teaches at a community college.  Mrs. Obama has her hands full helping her kids with homework most nights and still does a wide variety of first lady duties.  These women spoke from their hearts and the crowded room cheered time and time again!

I also took Omar to the caucus and he always has a unique experience.  He got himself invited to have lunch with a crew of secret service policemen.  We weren't allowed to take photos but they gave him a patch and pin to remember the day.  He got to squeeze biceps and share fries with them.  How many young guys get to do that?!  He also met dozens of volunteers and had a great time hugging EVERYONE! Even these Chicago police officers stopped for a photo.

One of the many volunteers who made this a great experience
Patch from the Secret Service police

Omar the the police from Chicago
That night we attempted to view the last night's events, but it was more than Omar could manage.  Seating began for us at 4 pm after getting soaked on the way in from a heavy downpour.  My husband was a delegate so he was on the lower floor next to the stage but we were guests, so we were lucky to find a seat in the upper level where you needed binoculars and a large camera lens to even identify faces.  Before the major speeches began, Omar wanted to leave.  We were back at the hotel by 8:30 and watched them on TV like everyone else.  Here are a few photos I took from the "nosebleed section".  Would recommend the experience to anyone out there who enjoys learning more about government.
See the cool screen behind James Taylor.  When you see it live, it's a fuller experience

When you're watching a commercial, they are showing data or polls
We had a view into the news programs which were on the 2nd level

Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin
Mary J. Blige


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