Supporting President Obama at the DNC

This week I find myself at the Democratic Party's Convention in Charlotte, NC.  My husband attended the convention in Denver 4 years ago as a guest and this year went through the hard work to become a delegate for our district in Milwaukee WI.  If you talk to the delegates, it can be really hard to get here because you have to attend several meetings and either convince strangers why you'd make a good candidate or bring enough of your friends to get elected.  They also have to pay all costs.  Of course they get to see all of the convention and meet the politicians "for free", but food, airfare, lodging is up to the individual to cover.
The amazing thing is that neither of us are registered democrats.  I find I prefer to choose the individual running for office on their own merit. I think a person can become complacent when they begin to vote along party lines and that's when stuff doesn't get done on bipartisan lines.  And I readily admit that I was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton before Barack Obama won the nomination.
Since Mr. Obama took the oath of office, I have grown to admire and respect him.  His policies have touched us in personal ways.  Obviously Obamacare has helped college students we know get healthcare. It also reduced the amount we pay for our own family healthcare needs.   Families we know who have kids like our Omar have lost jobs because they had to care for their kids during health crises like open heart surgery or leukemia.  With Obamacare (no lifetime caps) their kids will get the healthcare they need and the parents won't have to declare bankruptcy to pay for hospital bills.   And have you heard about the rise in autism?  Those kids and parents may need lifelong help.
He didn't invent Medicare but he is the only candidate fighting to make sure it's available for people my age.  It's a fact that women live longer than men.  My mom outlived her health insurance and savings a year before she died and had to rely on medicare for her nursing home care.  She was fortunate to have my incredible sister to take care of the paperwork because she couldn't have done it herself.
As for me, I am a 21 year Air Force veteran.  Have you heard of Tammy Duckworth?  She survived a plane crash and lost 2 of her legs while on duty. She's representing veterans affairs now and services are improving.  If you've ever had to deal with a veterans agency, you'll see how important it is to have people like her on your side.

Abdulhamid Ali at the convention 

We have 5 kids who have college loans.  They could all use access to more help and lower interest rates.  Abdul went to college with pell grants and will tell you his education helped him to start his engineering business.  My entire education was funded by the Air Force (your tax $).  We all step on the shoulders of others on our way to success and should ensure those tools are available for those who come after us. So I guess that's why we support a democratic president for 2012.  It's exciting to be here surrounded by interesting people, all with a story.  I'm looking forward to attending a few caucuses and speeches while here!


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