Finally put on my old rollerblades after 14 years of non-use and I don't know why I was surprised that they didn't work very well.  I guess it's like riding a bike- you don't forget how to do it, but if the bike is rusty and not well maintained, you have to work a whole lot harder!

I was lucky to be in such good company when I checked off the list item for rollerblading.  My daughter Melissa and her son Landon said they were in.  Then my friend Lisa and her lovely athletic family joined us.  We had 3 strollers between us, which I found can actually work in your favor for balance.  Pushing a 70 pound Omar though turned out to be major work with my old crummy skates, and everyone pushed him, taking turns so I could at least finish with a little respect intact.  We did the Oak Leaf trail for about 3 miles and at the end I could barely move.  I decided somewhere along the ride that these skates were going in the garbage.  I loved the skating but needed some new skates.  I ended up taking the boots out of the skates and walked the last couple of blocks home in the boots!  The kids seemed to enjoy the day too.  It was sunny and Lisa's husband Bob is one of the most entertaining guys on the planet so he kept everyone laughing.  Great day with good friends!
Omar loved Kyra pushing him and he made her fall for entertainment...and she obliged!

WOW!  Melissa skating backwards!

Bob telling the Peter Pan story to Omar

Old skates right where they belong


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