President Obama comes to Milwaukee

Wisconsin is still a swing state so we are having continuing visits from both sides.  Today it was President Obama's turn to rally the masses and get the vote out in his favor.  We had already heard him speak at the convention in Charlotte earlier this month, but this was a bit different.  He was in our home town!

There were two different types of events you could choose to attend.  We opted for the paid donation seats at $250 per person.  This was the lowest level, and would probably be the only chance I'd ever have of being part of a paid campaign event.  Those seats were intended for students, young professionals, and campaign volunteers.  Once you're a volunteer, they send you numerous e-mails with a variety of events and opportunities to donate.  Others paid $500 per seat for general admission.  For a donation of $5000 you could attend a photo session with President Obama, and I was surprised to find there were some people who brought entire families for the photo session.  I was thinking....there goes a car!  But if you have it to give and are so inclined, bless you for the donation.  And what a fabulous Christmas card it will make!  If you gave $25,000 you were invited to a roundtable event with the president.  I'm not sure how many did that, but the theater was full to capacity on the first floor.  They had blocked off the upper levels, I'm assuming because there were too many doors and not enough secret service to support the security.  That was unfortunate for many who attended because if you came after about 1:00, you had to stand.  We all stood in line until about 2:30, and then we were allowed to find a seat in the theater if we could find one.

Having fun with his speech
Hank Aaron talks about #44- his number and our 44th president

Baseball legend, Hank Aaron was a guest who introduced the president some time after 3:00.  I've heard it said that he rarely makes public appearances, yet he spoke in support of President Obama, and he was truly inspirational.  He compared his number 44 in baseball to the 44th presidency and how they share many of the same qualities, mentioning that when things got tough, you block out the noise and focus on hitting the ball.

President Obama entered to cheers and plenty of "I love you"s.  He always brings energy with him in spite of being on the road so much.  I saw on David Letterman the other night he said it's tougher doing a reelection because you're basically working two jobs, and he mentioned that he'd had a lot to do lately with what is happening in Libya and Iran.  You can read the entire speech at
From this event, we heard that he ate sausages at a local deli and then met a cheering crowd in the rain at Milwaukee Summerfest grounds.  Some of our extended family were there and said it was great.  It sounded like a similar speech but these tickets were free, and the speakers were many.  Mayor Tom Barrett, Tammy Baldwin, and even some Packer players.  It was a fun day, but even I'm weary of all the talk about politics and will be happy when election day is past and we can move on.  The big question is which direction the country will move.  As I hear both candidates speak, I see a very different picture of what the future America will look like.
Smiling as he leaves the stage to head into the audience
Here's where the secret service people swarm the president.  There were about 8 of them!


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