Thursday, September 13, 2012

Girls Night OUT!

I've been out a few times with ladies when it's an organization sponsoring or for my daughter's bachelorette party, but I'm ashamed to say that the last time some female friends and I went out for an evening, I was pregnant...with my son who is now 25.  Remember I was in a male dominant US Air Force for a bunch of years so that counts as a reason not to find girls who want a night out, doesn't it?  And it's not that I don't get invitations, but I'm kind of a homebody.  Once it's dark, I am usually in for the night and will use every excuse (husband, kids, homework, housework, etc) to stay at home.  I realize this isn't a good thing, so on my list of 50 things to do this summer, I included a girls night out.  I'm so lucky to have friends who are 'experts' at this kind of thing, so I had to do no planning and it kind of worked out better than ever.
My husband left yesterday morning.  Poor guy.  On the airplane again.  This time he's off to a funeral for an uncle in Sweden and then to visit another sick cousin in Italy.  He'll likely be gone for more than a week.  My older son Jake happened to not have a hot date last night so he and Omar watched the Lorax together as I stepped out.  Note to self: I have to watch Omar with the TV.  He found the Lorax on pay per view by himself and ordered it!  Any other time, I would have been upset but it seemed to happen for a reason so I had no excuses not to go.
Aaaahhhh... 2 hours with nice smelling women and adult conversation.  Loved every second of it.  I might have to do this again in the next 25 years!


  1. So much fun! Love reading your blog, great place to write it all down! Lets plan for next month... Octoberfest ladies night out maybe?

  2. Sounds like a great idea! Glad you're enjoying the blog!