Thai Cooking Class

All the ingredients were ready to go 
Tonight I went to my first ever paid cooking class.  I love to cook and I enjoy trying to figure out how to make recipes from restaurants where we've eaten, but some of the cooking is so foreign to me that I don't even know where to start with the ingredients.  Thai cooking is one of them.  My son Jake loves Thai food ever since he visited there, so we have occasionally eaten at a local Thai restaurant, but I never really know what to order and it is so expensive when you go out as a family.
One of the ladies at my "girls night out" suggested Sur la Table for a cooking class. You can find a local store near you and even sign up for classes online by going to their website.  You also get a 10% discount on any products you might want to buy at the store for the next week by attending.  I had never even been in the store and didn't realize they did cooking classes.  I already have a pretty stocked kitchen since I sold Pampered Chef 20 years ago, so I rarely find myself needing to buy anything. So tonight it was time to 'kick it up a notch' and learn something new.  I was actually surprised that there was so much to learn!
I showed up with 15 other people and we went to the back of the store where they have a demo kitchen with 4 stations.  There were aprons and name tags waiting for us on chairs.  We were offered gourmet coffee, sparkling water, or regular water.  Chef Zack greeted each of us by name and then there were three additional assistants who did the prep work and clean up (wish I had them in my own kitchen).  We were split into 4 teams and were provided all the ingredients as well as written instructions and recipes to take home with us.  We began with a little background information on the types of ingredients we'd be using and where you could buy them.  Zack talked us through each recipe and his assistants came around to check on how it was going and to remind us to do anything we didn't seem to be doing. In my group were a couple of ladies who were celebrating a birthday and this was the gift.  And then there was a computer engineer who does these classes pretty regularly.  We chatted as we cooked together and it was a quick 2 hours as we prepared and tasted phad Thai, Thai coconut curry with shrimp, spicy cucumber salad with peanuts, and mango sticky rice.  I loved everything!
Chef Zack talking about coconut milk
Thai Coconut Curry with Shrimp

Making the Phad Thai

At $69 for a 2 hour session, I was skeptical about whether it would be worth it, but now that I have these new skills, I think we'll enjoy the food and save $$$$ by not having to eat at a restaurant.  It will be nice to have a few new recipes and now that I'm familiar with the ingredients, I won't be so afraid to find new recipes on the internet and try them.


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