The Color Run- Milwaukee

I once did a 5K run when I was a student at Air Force Officer school, but that was a long time ago in a place far away.  On my list of 50 was a 'fun run' and my daughter thought we could all do the Color Run together.

She created a team which included her, my son Jake, and son-in-law Luke.  We arrived at Miller Park, the baseball stadium in Milwaukee on a Friday night about 5:30, found parking and made our way to the starting line which seemed about a mile away!  We had t-shirts to wear, and they also gave us tattoos, headbands, and a wristband.  I think the fee to participate was about $35, and they had 10,000 runners so it was sold out!
We got to the head of the line so we were with the first group to start at 7 pm.  They advised wearing glasses or goggles because we would be sprayed with powdered paint at intervals along the route.  I also brought a bandana to cover my hair.  We look so clean in this photo above!  But then the run got started.  It was more like a fast walk.  You just can't move that many people quickly.
A cloud of yellow dust met us

And then the blue- even kids joined in the fun

Melissa and Jake getting some orange

It took us just under an hour to complete the course- no record breaking going on here!  It was super fun.  We were indeed a mess!  My daughter Melissa said it took her 3 shampoos to get the color out of her hair.  They say this is the happiest 5K on the planet.  It comes to cities all over the USA, so be looking for it if you want a unique way to run/walk and be happy!
Our team at the finish line


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