Milwaukee Segway Tour

On my list of 50, I had a segway tour.  I've never done this but have seen groups around Milwaukee trying them and it looked fun.  We had guests visiting from London, and they are young and adventurous so they were ready for the tour!  There are 2 different tours in Milwaukee so we did the Lakefront tour.  Here's the link.  It's $45 for 90 minutes, which includes a short video and lesson in riding a segway, plus a tour guide to accompany the group.

Me and all the young people who joined me on the Segway tour
It takes a little time to figure out the operation of the segway.  There is a power button, but the rest of the movement is done by balancing your body in a certain way.  You lean forward to go, lean back to stop.  If you want to turn, you lean in the direction of the turn.  Speed is dictated by leaning forward.  We cruised through the park for about 10 minutes on the grassy area before we took off along the concrete lakefront trail.  There were several stops enroute where the tour guide told us about the sights.

There were 2 of us that fell down, and when you fall, it's a hard fall and the segway falls over.  I ended up with a bruised elbow while my segway fell into a shallow fountain when I hit a curb surrounding it. I was more embarrassed than hurt, but the guide assured me that he'd taken falls many times.  And then someone brought up the fact that the segway company owner actually died when he took a fall off a cliff.  Somehow that didn't make me feel better when we still had half the tour to do!
Milwaukee Art Museum from the back

Sculpture and art museum
lighthouse on lakefront
We all had a great time and saw a nice portion of the Lake Michigan lakefront in Milwaukee.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a way to entertain out of town guests.


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