Finally a guest room

We've had this room that was largely a depository for anything that didn't belong anywhere else.  We remodeled our home in 2004 and hadn't done much with the decor, especially with this bedroom.  As part of my list of 50 things to do this summer for turning 50, I wanted to do something with it.  First off, let me say I have no flair for decorating.  I just wanted something functional and 'inspiring', if that isn't asking too much.

Most of the items in the room are either found or made.  The dresser was a giveaway on the street near my sister.  It's crazy that it's mahogany and someone painted it like this.  Still, it's hard to find a hardwood dresser and this one has a lot of years left.  On the wall, is my own personal inspiration, the Holstee manifesto.  You can read it or get your own at  I found a window on the way to Omar's school one day and turned it into a simple photo frame.  In it are photos I took here in Wisconsin.  There's a cool painting that was a gift from my husband's business partner when he took a trip to Italy.  The butterfly alphabet has been around a long time, a remnant of my older kids childhood.

I added some new bedding, a lamp, and a few nightstands that have been used for years and are still functional.  The prints on the wall are photos we took in the Galapagos and were made using a Groupon.  You gotta love Groupon for deals.  Thanks to it, I have tried so many new things.  Lastly, a new mirror from a website where you can support artisans in various places abroad, Novica. 

Now all we need are some guests, and they are coming on Monday from London.  Maybe you'll visit us one day and this can be your home away from home!


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