A Political Rally with first lady Michelle Obama

I've never really been that fired up about politics so I wasn't one to look for political rallies, but this week I had a chance to attend one in Milwaukee when the first lady, Michelle Obama, came to town for a grassroots effort.  It was exciting, but also a lot of work just to get in the door.  I heard about the tickets via a text because I had recently received an e-mail to give just $5 to support the campaign, and so I did.  I was in IL at Six Flags amusement park at the time I got the text, so I sent it to my husband, who had to go pick up the tickets to the event before 9 pm, which was just a couple of hours.  Fortunately, he did this and came home with 2 tickets.

I invited my neighbor, Michelle, who has long supported the Obamas and the democratic party.  The tickets said you couldn't bring umbrellas, large bags, dangerous objects, etc and that the doors would open at noon.  My son dropped us off because we heard there would be street closures and limitied parking.  We arrived at 1130 and got into the line which was already around the corner and 2 blocks long!  There were news vans outside and all the local news personalities on hand.  It was about 90 degrees and sunny.  Very hot to stand and wait.  At least they had water on hand.

We got through the doors about 1:00 and had to go through airport like security.  Then we were ushered into a small gym which was already half full.  They said they cut off tickets at the max capacity, but this was so full by the end.  I don't know how they ever got it past the fire marshal- standing room only!  We were entertained by local politicians, Tom Barrett, Tammy Baldwin, and Gwen Moore for the first hour.  You weren't allowed to bring your own signs, but signs were passed out.  I always wondered who came up with those logos and sayings.  Now I know they aren't made by the people holding them.  We were also instructed to chant certain things- probably for the benefit of the cameras that were televising the rally.  What a diverse crowd!  Even the Sikhs were present.  Fun to people watch, for sure!  
Tammy Baldwin, running for senate

Sikhs from Milwaukee

FINALLY secret service agents came out and seemed to be briefing those in the first rows.  Then the first lady entered about 2:00.  The roar of the crowd was overwhelming!  She spoke about passionate issues her husband embraces- college tuition being attainable and affordable, healthcare for all, lower taxes for small business owners, and opportunities for ALL children, regardless of where their parents were born.  She's such a great speaker.  Applause broke out so frequently.  I was so impressed!  And just when you thought it was over, she went around the front of the audience shaking hands and talking to people. Overall a great experience.  I can see why people get fired up after attending one of these rallies!
First Lady Michelle Obama

See the guy in a suit behind her- secret service agent for sure


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