Somali Wedding

My husband was in Toronto over the weekend for his cousin's daughter's wedding.  I was sorry to have missed it as it is always an extraordinary event.  If you've read the story about my own Somali wedding, you know that they are very different from an American or European traditional wedding.  Because I have never been to the men's portion of the wedding, he was kind enough to pass the camera to a friend and we have some photos for your viewing!

Every wedding has slight variations, but this one was more like those I have heard about before.  The men met in the early afternoon and words of encouragement (about how to be a good husband and act Islamically, according to the Koran) were given to the groom.  The dowry or tribal gift was passed.  Abdul represented his tribe because he is a prince.  He doesn't get to go to every wedding, but when he can go, he is very happy to do this.  This cousin is very close to him, so there's no way he was going to miss it and his entire family of siblings were in Toronto for the event too.

The typical ceremony is quite short and afterwards, there is a lunch for all the men.  Sometimes the bridal couple's family women prepare and serve, but more often it's just a catered affair.
Here he is looking like a prince with a special hat for the occasion
Here he is accepting the gifts from the representative of the groom's tribe (dowry)

The VIP table which includes the groom 

The women's party was later at night.  The bride would have attended that with lots of music, dancing, and fancy dress.  Many of the women get henna on their hands, arms, and feet for the special occasion.  I heard it was wonderful and lasted until 3 am!


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