Sleepover at a Lighthouse Cottage

My son Omar was in summer camp for 4 nights, so I planned this getaway at Rawley Point Lighthouse cottage that is run by the coast guard and is used for "morale" purposes.  Anyone who has a military ID card can call and if you're lucky someone will answer and make a reservation for you.  I say that in jest because I have heard of many who tried and were never lucky enough to get through to a person to make a reservation.    There are 3 apartments in this big old house but we were the only tenants the week we were there.  The lighthouse is still in use.  The cottage was used by the keeper of the lighthouse but has not been used for that purpose in many years.  It was kind of like staying at a grandma's house.  Everything you really needed was there but it was a bit older, quite used, and cozy.  There was no air conditioning, but it really wasn't bad in spite of temps in the high 80s.  There was a breeze off the lake at night that helped make it comfy.  You could hear the surf and the birds with the windows open, and if you were awake before 5, the sunrise was spectacular!  For more history on the lighthouse, go to this link:

wow!  what a sunrise!

The first 2 nights I stayed with my husband and we did a lot of hiking around the state park.  The beach is really nice and miles long at low tide.  There are several trails that run through the park, and one of them is the Ice Age Trail- a national park trail that runs 1000 miles through the state of Wisconsin.  It's a remnant from the glacier age.  I hope to hike a few more pieces of the trail during this summer because each area is so unique, but this was a good start.
Smiling at the beginning of our bug biting hike

Nice paths mark the way but the mosquitoes are BITING!!!

wildflowers and plenty of poison ivy are just off the path
The next 2 nights my cousin Jeannie joined me.  We had planned to gather several other female cousins and my sister, but it just couldn't work out for everyone.  It was a good opportunity to catch up on family news and have a little fun at the beach together.  The water was COLD, but we got wet anyway.  We also did some tourist stuff and took a trip to nearby Algoma for lunch and to check out a very fun garden store called "THE FLYING PIG"  What a fun place to view plants and art while enjoying a refreshing drink.  Overall it was a great getaway!
What a fish!
loved this pond!

so many cool pieces for a garden
Me and Jeannie having a drink at the cafe/gift shop


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