Milwaukee Photo Walking Tour

I moved around a lot when I was in the Air Force, and always enjoyed being a tourist in my new home.  Sometimes it seems like we see so much when we travel, but then overlook some wonderful attractions right here at home.  I found this walking tour on living social and really enjoyed hearing a bit more about the history of some of the buildings while taking photos with a person who has taught photography.  Here's a link to their website.  They also do foodie tours and I would enjoy that even more!  What is there not to like about eating and walking?!

The first thing she talked about was how you can take many photos of the same thing and get different results by using broad views and close-ups.  She was right!  I love the close-up of the face and I probably would not have closed in so much, but instead got the whole statue.
head shot
entire statue

Here she suggested framing the building by stepping back into the trees
We walked a total of one mile through the older section of town.  Most of this area used to be populated by Italian immigrants.  Many of the previous buildings burned down in a fire, so the ones we see are from 1892 and later.  She knew of a few surprises and showed us how you have to look for pockets of interest in the bigger city.  Here is a garden behind a bank that was peaceful.
secret garden
Reflections are also interesting and can be found in water, stone, windows.  Some examples here.

She also said it's good to look for angles and try shots of buildings from different places because it might be more interesting.  Here's an example of 2 I shot of this beautiful red brick.
I like the corner shot much better
this one looks so flat and uninteresting

Older buildings are also full of details if you look close enough.  She encouraged us to find some of the smaller details.  Here are a few I captured.
This was on a stair railing and only about 3 inches high
a water buffalo?

this belongs in a Harry Potter movie
breathing fire

door sunburst

We ended the tour at the famous Calatrava art museum.  At noon every day they close the wings and reopen them.  I once heard a funny story about a person who took a guest from out of town to see this event and used a remote control pointed at the building to make it seem like they were closing it.  Very creative!  This helped me see some things I see often in a different way.  What a fun morning!
If you walk quickly into the middle of the street, you can get a photo of the orange starburst in front of the museum.  The art museum was built to complement this piece of art.

wide open

nearly closed

all the way- very different look


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