Tour de Fat Milwaukee

I didn't really know what I had in mind when I said I wanted to do a bike trip this summer.  I've dreamed about biking across the USA a few times when I was younger.  And then when I worked in the Dept. of Transportation, I talked about joining in on a state crossing ride.  But it seems I always have Omar to worry about and although he's an adventurer, he probably couldn't do a long ride.

My daughter proposed that we do the Tour de Fat on Saturday and it sure sounded like fun, so that's what I'll count as my bike trip. These links give you more information from both the brewery and the bicycle federation.

This is a roving circus sponsored by a Colorado brewery that goes to cities all over the USA and raises money for non-profit organizations.  Here in Wisconsin, they raised money for the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation which has plans to start a free bike program in the city.  I love this program and have seen it in so many places we visit.  It works by placing bikes in racks at various spots in the city and you can borrow and return a bike for the day.  Great idea!  The event is free, but they ask for donations and you can buy beer, food, t-shirts, etc.

Melissa on a borrowed bike with her cool Mouse ears
The part we most enjoyed was a bike parade.  I don't know how many attended but I'd guess about 1000.  There were kids, adults, and even dogs!  Many people dress in costumes.  The route is only 4.1 miles and it's very slow as you are in a large group and because most of the route is on city streets, you have to stop at traffic lights, etc.  You are sharing the road with cars the entire way.  We biked from home too so our total route was about 8 miles.  That is the longest that Omar and Melissa have biked in a day.  It was hot and humid, but the major complaint from Omar was that his butt hurt.  He was on a tagalong behind me and if I stopped at a traffic light, he'd often hop off, so I had to always be looking to be sure he was still with me!  Great fun- enjoy the pictures!
Spiderman!  AKA Omar

a sea of people ahead of us at the parade start
Look at these fat tires!

Lots of entertainment related to wheels and gears


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