A date in New York City

Me, my son Jake, Libbie, and daughter Melissa
I wanted to take my kids on a "date" this summer, and my daughter chose a Broadway play for hers.  I love it that she thinks BIG!  The day after she mentioned this, my friend Libbie (who lives in Idaho) called to say she had a conference there.  It had to be fate!!!  I had just enough frequent flier miles for 3 tickets, so we made a date to meet in New York City for a weekend!!!  I had never been there before so it made it even more exciting!  We packed a lot of fun into just a couple of days and tried to get everyone's wish list checked off.  The first activity was a Manhattan skyline cruise on an old sailing ship called the Clipper City, where you got to be the crew, if you chose.  It had 4 sails!  It has an interesting story as it was modeled after a ship that had originally been made in Manitowoc, WI, and was meant to carry lumber.  You can see how the ship was made at a model in Manitowoc at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.
Here I am 'sailing' the ship

Libbie and I helped to raise the sails- hard work!

Manhattan skyline
Look at the new buildings going up to replace the
Twin towers
Statue of Liberty
Try a horse ride in Central Park

We had fun in Chinatown, Little Italy, and ended up in Times Square the first day.  What a place to people watch!  The next day we did a nice walk through Central Park where we even saw superstar Gwen Stefani out for a walk with her 2 kids and nanny.  That park is huge!  There were bikes and boats for rent.  You could enjoy amusement rides or ice skate in winter.  There is a castle, ball fields, and even a tribute to John Lennon, who was shot in his NY home just a few blocks from the park.  We spent a couple of hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where you can see paintings I had only seen in books.  WOW!  They were up close and so beautiful!  I talked everyone into trying a brutal Chinese massage.  If you have never tried this, you are in for a ..... well, I don't know if it's a treat.  It hurts.  Like when you feel you have to cry or scream kind of hurt.  But it does work.  We survived 30 minutes of this and the only one who had no problems with it was Jake.  He's very fit, so maybe that's the secret.
Throngs of people both day and night in Times Square

Strawberry Fields Forever- tribute to John Lennon in Central Park
Couldn't resist a photo of this cutie!

at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

We saw a Broadway play called "One Man Two Guvnors" that was so incredibly funny that we laughed the whole way through.  Afterwards we found the best banana cream pudding at a place called, Magnolia Bakery.   They also have cupcakes which are ultra tasty. I loved the German chocolate!  I might add, we also found the best coffee in New York city the next day at a place called Abraco.  Holy cow!  If you are ever in NYC, you need to try this hole in the wall place.   Think of it as a magical closet with the tastiest coffee ever.  There is no seating, and the locals show up in their pajamas!

Abraco Coffee

cupcakes and pudding from Magnolia Bakery
We did lots of window shopping both on Fifth Avenue and in Soho.  Fun to see the styles that are in vogue and watch the tourists spending huge $$$$$$ on American brands that are made in China.  There was a door around the corner of the building just to shop at Abercrombie & Fitch!  The windows were so artfully decorated to entice you to come on in.  It was really fun to see the creativity.  Melissa wanted to see the Kardashian's shop, called DASH.  Everything was very expensive but not very special, in my humble opinion.  The stores are open until midnight in some areas of the city.  This is a city that doesn't sleep!  It was a great weekend full of fun.  It will likely take us a week to recuperate!
At Louis Vuitton


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