Reclaiming Our Heritage Event- Veterans Reenactment

Reenactment site
I had intended to visit the Veteran's home here in Milwaukee and bring cupcakes, only to learn there really isn't one.  They do have a hospital, but you aren't allowed to bring food (too many have diabetes and other problems).  What they suggested was attending an event on the grounds where you can meet up with loads of veterans and talk to them, which is what they really need.

This event is called Reclaiming Our Heritage.  and it was held a couple weeks ago.  They have reenactments and veterans come from all over the US to participate.  We were there bright and early on a Saturday morning and met so many wonderful people.  Omar enjoyed the parade and seeing all the military vehicles.  They were giving out flowers to veterans....and donuts.  Ha!  Guess there aren't food restrictions for all us vets who attend!

Loved how even the dogs get involved!
The hardest part of visiting at any veteran facility is seeing so many young people missing limbs.  You know their stories involve horrific memories in faraway places, and they will never be 'normal' again.  Some want to talk about their experiences as part of the healing process, but many shut out those painful thoughts.  We saw veterans from every war represented.  The older fellows cried when recalling friends lost.  They could see the equipment they used and I'm sure it conjured up old memories.  Here are a few photos from the fun day we had there.  Enjoy!

Omar and Abdul waiting for the parade to start.  Omar dressed in his civil war uniform we got at Gettysburg.

There were active duty soldiers on hand with trucks and equipment that kids could see up close

I learned that many of the buildings are being restored.  The original site began after the civil war to house civil war veterans.


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