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Last night we had a salad with the greens I've been growing on my porch.  I had grown herbs and tomatoes in pots and a few tucked in here and there in the yard, but this is the first year the emphasis has been to grow our own salad ingredients.  My yard is very tiny by most people's standards.  We live in a suburb of Milwaukee where you can really hear the neighbors sneeze if your windows are open.  When we had a full lawn, it took less than 10 minutes to mow it all.

my front yard- we used to have grass but it's all flowers and herbs now
Finding space to grow veggies was a challenge.  I got something in junk mail about some growboxes that sounded enticing, so I bought 6 of those, but they don't come cheap.  I paid $225 and I still had to put in potting mix and seeds.  The initial investment is high, but you can use the same dirt for many years if you buy new fertilizer pads to lay on the top.  They GUARANTEE results or you can get your money back.  I planted in them 2 weeks ago and I can say it's the fastest I have ever had a garden in a small space.  They are nestled under the eaves on the driveway- kind of a dead spot anyway and because they are self watering, it's no problem that there is no rainfall there.
herbs and salads in pots, then a growbox with melons

Well, that seemed a good start, but there was still much more I wanted to plant, so I looked on line and was lucky to find the victory garden initiative in Milwaukee.
They were discounting their raised beds by 50% if you would join a blitz that was happening during Memorial Day week.  I had to find a spot in my yard that had 6 hours of sunshine and was 8x4 feet.  The cost was $150 which included them building it and a yard of organic dirt.  That was a bit challenging as we only had one particular spot that would work.  Guess this is the limit for what we'll garden.  I am still wondering how the seeds will grow as there are a number of rabbits and squirrels who have been by to investigate.  This is a work in progress, so we'll face the challenges as they come.

 I still have some plants tucked away in the front yard.  There's some thyme growing along the walkway and herbs among the flowers.  This year I planted spinach with the geraniums, thinking that the spinach would be done before the geraniums needed all that space and so far it's working out well. It just goes to show you that if you really want to grow veggies, you don't need a lot of space and it can be fun too!

spinach growing along with geraniums

chives, parsley, and oregano


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