Kayaking with my boys in Door County

I spent the last couple of days in Door County at Peninsula State Park- a mecca for the outdoorsman. http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/parks/name/peninsula/

I haven't been tent camping in a very long time, but because I enjoyed it as a kid, I thought my kids should have the same advantage.  I think I'm becoming more prone to enjoying hotels or cabins now.  I love tent camping...except for the mosquitoes, ticks, poison ivy, sunburn, critters that keep you awake and inclement weather.  And now that I've camped with Omar, add dirt everywhere and sleepless nights.
We hadn't even unloaded the car before Omar was covered head to toe in dirt
Bonfires are the best!

Our little home away from home.  Just don't go into the woods because it's loaded with poison ivy!
Eagle Tower- we climbed this for a better view of the park

See the goats on the roof?
Since we were in Door County, I wanted the boys to experience Al Johnson's, a Swedish restaurant with goats on the roof.  Omar loves pancakes and making them over the bonfire didn't appeal to me, so we drove up there for breakfast.  http://www.aljohnsons.com/  If you go to their website, you can even check out the goatcam!

We also took a short detour to Ellison Bluff county park where you can get a good view of the limestone ledge.
Door county is know for this type of rocky ledges

We did manage to have an adventure from my List of 50 while there.  We rented ocean kayaks and started to paddle around the shore to see the bluff with Eagle tower (where Omar and I had climbed that morning).  That was easy enough so Jake thought we should head out to Horseshoe island and back.  Seemed a good target so we set off.  Great fun!  And then the wind picked up and we were rowing sideways.  And then Jake, who was the chosen one to be riding with Omar on the double kayak, called out that Omar was overboard!  Somehow, singlehandedly, he managed to get him back on board without losing a paddle.  Whew the wind was strong and the waves were bigger.  We seemed to be going nowhere.  And this is where I reminded Jake that my Buddhist monk acquaintance says 'being in the moment is good for you".  I have to say that when you're paddling for your life, you are LIVING IN THE MOMENT!!!  Another 25 minutes of vigorous rowing and we were back to the put-in site and I was still dry... until I fell backwards getting out of the boat!  It was more humiliating than anything else.

Ready for action in smooth water and the island behind us is the destination
Overall it was a good trip.  We cut it short because bad weather was on the way and none of us really wanted to be in a tent for one more night if it was going to storm.  I loved the kayaking and look forward to trying it again, although I'm really sore today.  It must be good exercise!


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