Garden party

Today the weather was sunny and bright as 10 neighbors gathered in my next door neighbor's front yard and we had a lovely garden party.  We have to use her yard because there is no room in mine, unless you use the driveway and that seems tacky, so we often share her yard and we get sandwiched between her lovely flowerbeds and mine.  You can see the roses in full bloom now.  It's a gorgeous day for enjoying the garden.  

I made Prince William's wedding cake (groom's cake) something I had been wanting to do since I saw it when he got married.  Of course, mine is a down sized version and very tasty!  This is for you if you LOVE chocolate!

I chose to use strawberries on top because they are in season and who doesn't love chocolate strawberries?

We do have lunch with the neighbors a few times a year.  It's a great opportunity to catch up with news.  Even though we often wave to each other, you don't seem to share family events or really chat unless you sit down over food.  I love that we have this small group of women who live so close to me and can share in my birthday!


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