Brewers game

I have only been to one baseball game in my life...that's if you don't count a few 4H games I went to in 6th grade.  I was the statistician in grade school for the ball teams.  I have no natural talent when it comes to sports.  So when I made my list of things to do, I thought I should add a ball game since my kids and so many other people who live here are always going to the games, talking about the games, partying with the fans, etc.

We were so close to the action
Last night my husband got us invited to see the Brewers lose to the Arizona Diamondbacks in a comfy box seat sponsored by M&I bank.  That's right.  The bank that just fired all its Wisconsin employees when it was bought out by a Canadian bank.  Funny how things work out in the business world.

There were no hotdogs in the box, but look at this Burger!!!

In the kid zone, you could "be the ball"

Food was nonstop!  chips, pretzels, candy, pizza, burgers, cheese sticks!

The only other game I had ever seen was at the old stadium where I sat on the bleachers in uncomfortable heat and had beer spilled on me.  This was definitely an upgrade!  I can't believe how high tech baseball has become.  I know the players make millions of dollars and the stadium was over the top expensive with its very cool roof that opens to allow weather, star light, and sunshine to show through.  But I was unprepared for all the Las Vegas glitz in scoreboards, ads, and sideshow entertainment inside the stadium.  It was all very fun!  Even if the game wasn't interesting, there was plenty of entertainment and people watching.
Omar the chic magnet flirting with the dancers
91 mph!  what a pitch!


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