Mother's Day at the Boerner Botanical Garden

Unlimited sunshine and blue skies- a rare occurrence here

I loved this tree - so many twists and turns

The peonies were just starting to bloom

The structure in the rose garden- it will be pretty in another month or so

Lots of green in all shapes and sizes

rock garden and fountain

My grandson Landon having fun in the field

nice water feature
Sunshine.  My kids.  My grandson. Birds chirping.  Ahhhh..... Life is good!  My daughter said it was easy to choose what to do for me for Mother's Day, because all she had to do was look at my list of 50 things, and she planned the perfect outing.  We went out for breakfast at a local cafe where it was nice enough to sit outdoors, and then we headed to Boerner Botanical Garden in Hales Corners.  There is something so peaceful about being among plants and trees, butterflies and bees.  We had a great couple of hours chasing the younger boys around the gardens.  Well, my older son Jake did most of the chasing.   I'll let the photos do the talking this time around.  Enjoy!


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